DrDovetail: Reagan used to say "sometimes I wondered if an alien invasion did happen how that would unite the whole world to fight a common enemy" once they realized a fake alien invasion was much too hard to fake they decided to make the common enemy a disease isntead to push forward their one world currency 3 hours ago The EventBox. Some GTK widgets don't have associated X windows, so they just draw on their parents. Because of this, they cannot receive events and if they are incorrectly sized, they don't clip so you can get messy overwriting, etc. Hi all, I use a widget from tradingview site. I would like to make this implementation using xamarin forms webview. However i can't make it works.


  Adding a TradingView widget to your intranet is simple. class="tradingview- widget-container">
< div  2 May 2017 So what i can make out from the widgets website.